Saab Oneview PSIM: Eye And Ear Of Urban Security Systems

Saab OneView was born a custom PSIM and has evolved into a situational awareness engine that’s endlessly customisable and relentlessly expandable. The most difficult thing about a management solution with this much depth and lateral potential is trying to describe it in a paragraph.

GIVEN the complexity of unpacking OneView conceptually, arguably the best way to explain the system is to explain what it does. Fundamentally, it’s an if/then business rules integration platform topped by a lightweight management system that sits above any collection of integrated sub systems and aggregates system-wide events to give profound situational awareness, quickfire response to unfolding events and complex reporting via a single portal. What’s going on in the background is so clever that demonstrations of the system contrive to make it appear simpler than it is – only when you delve deeper do you realise just how much effort has gone into polishing, streamlining and securing the underlying processes that serve the OneView management software.

The list of sub systems that can be enfolded by OneView is too long to go through completely but think detection, LPR, RFID, heartbeat, metal detection, locking, biometric, face recognition, lightning, fire, CCTV (camera/NVR/VMS), audio, alarm systems, intercom, gate, body scanner, lights, air conditioning, water supply, automation, GPS and microphonics from any manufacturer, along with anything else you need to deliver centralised (and remote) situational awareness. As Saab Australia’s Brett Bertram points out, OneView isn’t just an interface, it’s an interface to everything.

“We don’t make an access system or a CCTV system – we are sub-system independent,” Bertram explains. “OneView will manage whatever systems you want it to manage. You can have 3 different CCTV systems, 2 access control systems and 5 alarm systems on your site and they will feed into OneView and all look and feel the same and be managed in the same way. You can also replace an underlying sub system, add a sub system – the look and feel and programming and functionality will not change.”

Features of Saab OneView:

* Site security situational awareness
* Security system integration
* Prioritised alarm handling
* Integrated system log
* Comprehensive audit/reporting
* Integrated operator interface
* Highly configurable layouts/business rules/integrations
* Powerful system-wide OneView Journal.

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