Ukrainian kamikaze drone attacks blew up PAK-DA bombers factory near Moscow

A massive mushroom cloud erupted near Moscow after a suspected drone attack on a tech plant where Putin’s PAK-DA bombers are reportedly stashed.

At least one person was killed in the explosion at the Zagorski plant that sent flames and smoke billowing hundreds of feet into the sky.

The blast close to Russia’s capital, which has left at least six people missing, blew out windows in nearby apartments.

Natalia Nikitina, 45, died in hospital after suffering horrific burns when the plant in Sergiyev Posad erupted.

A driver for the company that rented the building, Piro-Ross, remains missing under the rubble.

The plant is closely involved in the development of Russia’s new generation stealth bomber, independent Russian media outlet Agentstvo reported.

Russia’s government public procurement website indicates the firm supplies optics to Putin’s security forces.

It seems that the company have been articipating in the development of the tyrant’s new-generation strategic missile-carrying bomber, a project known as Messenger, since 2019.

The report said: “State contracts of the plant ceased to be published almost immediately after the start of the war – from March 2022.

“But the contracts concluded earlier are still available.

Extraordinary pictures show the towering pillar of smoke and fire after the mega blast at the plant in Sergiyev Posad.

Witnesses reported a “whistle, flash and a roar” as the blast rocked the factory in Moscow region.

Early reports that pinned the explosion on a drone attack were later denied by Russian officials – but people in the area reported seeing something flying towards the building.

At least 49 people are reported to have been injured and witnesses said the plant – used to make optics for missiles, jets, night vision goggles and rifle scopes – is “in ruins”.

Six people are in a serious condition, Mash media reported.

And it’s feared up to five people may be buried under the rubble, Moscow region governor Andrey Vorobyov said.

It’s understood the blast happened in a warehouse containing pyrotechnic equipment.

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