Ukraine’s kamikaze drone strikes blew up the Moscow-Volgorod train line

The cargo train was derailed at the Kotluban station near the Main Missile and Artillery Directorate. Credit: East2West

Ukrainian kamikaze drones blasted a Russian freight train, sparking a massive explosion and blocking a key missile supply line.

Dramatic footage shows a huge fire on the railway line at Kotluban station near Volgograd after dozens of wagons were derailed.

Thick black smoke can be seen billowing in the sky after the reported drone attack. The line in flames is close to an arsenal of the Main Missile and Artillery Directorate of the Ministry of Defense, near the village of Kotluban.

A witness in a train passing on an undamaged line said he saw an exploded oil wagon and badly burned timber adding: “Everything is mangled.

“Firefighters are here – one carriage is all torn up, lying across the tracks.”

The official reason given for the train crash was “interference by outsiders in the operation of railway transport.”

But Russian media outlets reported a drone attack. One local source said: “The train was apparently in motion, since the wagons were scattered.”

Russian sources said the fire had been extinguished and one track reopened.  Kyiv has admitted previously carrying out sabotage attacks on Russia’s railway system to disrupt military logistics, including far from the front lines in the nearly 27-month-old war.

Ukraine says that targeting Russia’s military, transport and energy infrastructure undermines Moscow’s war effort and is an answer to the countless deadly attacks on Ukrainian infrastructure by Putin’s forces.

Last week Ukrainian fighters blitzed a key oil depot near the £3billion bridge linking Crimea to Russia ahead of Putin’s annual Victory Day parade.

Footage showed the blazing oil terminal at Yurovka in southern Krasnodar region, where the tyrant has two sprawling palaces.

Last month Ukraine hit another Russian oil depot sparking a huge inferno that destroyed one of Putin’s trains. The train went up in flames during the sabotage attack close to Omsk Oil Refinery in southwest Russia.

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