Microsoft Supplied HoloLens To Russia’s Su-57 Production Line

Sukhoi company has used Microsoft's HoloLens headsets on a number of processes during Su-57 production and development according to a leaked internal presentation slide obtained by Twitter user.

Sukhoi Company holding company, which incorporates leading Russian design bureaus and serial aircraft production plants, uses mixed reality headsets to assist workers in producing Russia’s 5th generation fighter aircraft.

Video and presentation posted to Twitter showed that Russian engineers and workers began assembling the modern Russian fighter aircraft using mixed reality headsets.

According to a tweet from SwankyStas, JSC Sukhoi Company, part of the United Aircraft Corporation, provided a use case detailing how its engineers use the mixed reality headsets to help assemble the Su-57 fighter jets.

Russian engineers are using Microsoft’s HoloLens to assemble Su-57 jets.

Moreover, they released a short video showing the company’s engineers wear on their heads special devices similar to Microsoft HoloLens.

Sukhoi company has used HoloLens headsets on several processes during Su-57 production and development according to a leaked internal presentation slide obtained by a Twitter user. HoloLens headsets guide holographic overlays on fuselage and landing gear components in one such application.

Microsoft recently announced that it would suspend all new sales of Microsoft products and services in Russia.

Milur SA is the Switzerland-based primary shareholder of Milur Electronics and has been utilized by employees and business associates of Milandr to coordinate financial transfers to Milur Electronics.

Sharp Edge Engineering Inc. (Sharp Edge), a Taiwan-based front company used to purchase microelectronic components from Asian companies. Milandr employees have utilized a Sharp Edge account to procure equipment.

U.S. Treasury designated entities across several countries associated with violating CAATSA sanctions. These include: 

  • MG International AG (MG International), a Studhalter-owned, Switzerland- and Russia-based management consultancy firm of which Kerimov used to be a shareholder and where Gulnara was previously employed;
  • Studhalter International Group AG (Studhalter Group), a Switzerland-based financial company;
  • Swiss International Advisory Group AG (SwissIAG), a Switzerland-based accounting and tax consultancy firm; 
  • Papa Oscar Ventures GmbH (Papa Oscar Germany), a Germany-based holding company;
  • Eurimo Holding SA (Eurimo), a Luxembourg-based holding company;
  • Papa Oscar Ventures SE SL (Papa Oscar Spain), a Spain-based holding company; 
  • Swiss International Real Estate Portfolio AG (SwiREP), a Switzerland-based real estate firm; and
  • SCI AAA Properties (SCI), a France-based real estate firm. 
  • Bonum Capital Investors Corp (Bonum BVI), a British Virgin Islands-based holding company;
  • Limited Liability Company Bonum Management (Bonum Management) and Limited Liability Company Bonum Investments (Bonum Investments), Russia-based financial services companies; 
  • Limited Liability Company RB-Esteit (RB-Esteit), a Russia-based real estate firm; and
  • Limited Liability Company Aviakompaniya Dalnevostochnaya KSM (KSM), a Russia-based air freight company.

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