Indonesian Navy Approves Terma CMS For KCR-60 FAC

The Indonesian Navy (TNI-AL) approves the factory acceptance tests of four new combat management systems (CMS) for four fast attack crafts, “KCR-60”, scheduled to join their fleet.

The process has been far from conventional. Typically, readying a comprehensive CMS for any navy vessel involves several meetings where specifications and expectations are aligned across the organizations involved. However, with COVID-19 restrictions in place, much of the collaboration has moved online, including the four Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT).

Among other things, Terma is contracted to deliver the CMS for the four KCR-60 vessels. Not being able to meet in person has been a challenge, however, the program and the FAT approvals were kept on schedule to the full satisfaction of the customer and project team at both Terma and the Indonesian shipyard, PT PAL.

PT PAL holds the primary contract for building and delivering the four vessels – two are new builds and two are existing fast attack crafts undergoing a complete upgrade.

To ease operations, Terma has established local offices and employed local staff in both Jakarta and Surabaya, where the vessels are built, with the aim to bring competencies and know-how closer to the shipyard.

The local presence is necessary to ensure a smooth collaboration when regular cross-border partnerships are made difficult by the pandemic. By bringing competencies closer to the shipyard, Terma and PT PAL have created the optimal conditions for ensuring a high-quality build that stays on schedule.

However, implementing a new combat management system is a complex task.

“As the responsible systems integrator, we must ensure that all systems work smoothly together and provide the necessary situational awareness, decision support and ultimately control the different weapons systems onboard,” Per Boye Ovesen explains.

When completed, the KCR-60 crafts will be equipped with surveillance, ESM, and IFF systems as well as guns, missile launchers, and decoy systems.

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