Soviet-era Bomber Fired Missiles At Sea Instead Of Ukrainian Territory In Latest Humiliation

Russian Tu-95MS bomber

Missiles fired at Ukraine from a Russian nuclear bomber have fallen into the sea, it was reported.

The weapons narrowly missed apartments and the fresh humiliation to Vladimir Putin’s military comes after a jet fighter accidentally dropped a bomb on a Russian city.

In the latest blunder, three newly built missiles fired from a Tu-95MS strategic bomber and aimed at Ukraine plunged into the Caspian Sea after malfunctioning.

The calamity was reported by the Crimean Wind Telegram channel, citing a Russian military source.

“It was very lucky that they fell right away,” said the general staff source.

“They could have flown a little further and fallen on residential buildings, killing a lot of people. 

If we don’t figure out the reasons for the fall of the missiles, then such a tragedy is a matter of time.”

The Russians have been regularly firing cruise missiles at Ukraine from over the Caspian Sea after their invasion.

The source claimed that the cause of the missile failure may be Western sanctions, forcing weapons-makers to use inferior components. 

The Tu-95MS and the Tu-160 supersonic bomber are the mainstays of Russia’s long-range aviation.

Yurii Ihnat, a Ukrainian air force spokesman, recently claimed Russia is firing its missiles from the Caspian Sea because of their unreliability. 

“Why are they allowed to launch from the Caspian Sea?,” he said.

“Because a rocket fired from a war plane does not always start and fly to its target. It just falls. 

“It’s easier when it falls into the Caspian Sea than somewhere in Russia, on the head of Russians.

“Falling in the sea means the Russians can hide the blunder.”

It comes after a Russian Su-34 fighter jet blasted a 70-foot crater in the city of Belgorod, just 25 miles from the Ukrainian border.

Dramatic video captures the moment the explosion rips through the street, causing the surface of the road to erupt dozens of feet into the air.

Pictures show a nearby apartment that was gutted in the blast which left debris scattered across the scene.

A car was also sent flying by the bombing, landing on the roof of a nearby shop.

Eyewitnesses reported hearing a whistling sound moments before the deafening explosion.

Two women were reportedly wounded in the blast, with one being rushed to hospital with head wounds.

The bomb is believed to have been a modernised FAB-500M62 Soviet-designed 500kg general-purpose air-dropped bomb with a high-explosive warhead.

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