Britain to Send StarStreak Anti-air Missiles to Ukraine

UK Secretary of State for Defence Ben Wallace told parliament on 9 March that London had decided to explore the possibility of donating Starstreak high-velocity manportable air defence system (MANPADS) missiles to Ukraine. He said the system had been requested by Kyiv and “will remain within the definition of defensive weapons, but will allow the Ukrainian force to better defend their skies”.

Wallace noted that the international community had donated more than 900 MANPADS missiles and thousands of anti-tank guided weapons to Ukraine, but that “the capability needs strengthening”.

He also updated parliament on deliveries of Next Generation Light Anti-tank Weapons (NLAWs) to Ukraine, with 3,615 delivered so far, and more to come, as well as the delivery “shortly” of a small consignment of Javelin anti-tank systems. The initial supply he announced in parliament on 17 January was to be 2,000 NLAWs, small arms, and ammunition. This was the the first time UK military aid to the Ukrainian Armed Forces included weapon systems.

In his latest announcement to parliament, Wallace said the UK would increase supplies of rations, medical equipment, and other non-lethal military aid to Ukraine. In addition to lethal weapons, he told parliament on 17 January that the UK would supply body armour, helmets, boots, ear defenders, ration packs, rangefinders, and communication equipment.

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