Bangladesh Police Signed MoU To Buy Two Helicopters From Russia

Bangladesh Police has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Russian Helicopters for the supply of two helicopters.

The move comes after police officers requested to launch an air wing with a fleet of ten choppers, during their yearly police week. Now only Rapid Action Battalion, a special unit of Bangladesh Police, has two helicopters.

The rotorcraft will enable police to carry out operations and increasing surveillance in remote and inaccessible areas and as well as in the process of fighting militancy, says a Police Headquarters press release.

Inspector-General of Police Benazir Ahmed said this will further enhance the capacity of the police in conducting emergency operations, transporting police personnel, supplying food and medicine and conducting police activities in remote and inaccessible areas.

While the helicopter to be supplied was not specified, an image from the backdrop of the MoU signing ceremony is that of an Ansat Helicopter. The light multi-purpose Ansat helicopter was designed by the Kazan Helicopters design office.

The rotorcraft has two engines and can be used for passenger and VIP transport, cargo delivery, environmental monitoring, and as an air medical helicopter. High-altitude tests of Ansat have been successfully completed, which confirmed the possibility of its operation in mountainous terrain at altitudes up to 3,500 meters. The helicopter can be operated in a temperature range between -45 and +50 degrees Celsius.

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