Ukraine Captured Russia’s Anti-tank Mines In Kharkiv

The latest generation of Russian anti-tank mine reportedly has been captured during a Ukrainian offensive in the north-east Kharkiv region.

Ukrainian troops have captured the newest Russian-made PTKM-1R anti-tank mine, known popularly as the “jumping mine”.

According to the Russian state arms export agency Rosoboronexport, the PTKM-1R is a smart munition designed to damage or destroy tanks and armored fighting vehicles.

As noted by the arms export agency, PTKM-1R is capable of selecting what armoured vehicle to hit, it chooses only the equipment that meets the specified parameters in terms of noise and ground vibration.

The PTKM-1R is distinct from conventional anti-vehicle mines in its ability to attack the top of an armored vehicle. The top of a tank or other armored fighting vehicle (AFV) is typically fitted with thinner armor than its front or sides—hence the top is almost always the most vulnerable aspect of an armored vehicle.

The Russian Ministry of Defense announced the completion of testing the first domestic top-attack anti-vehicle landmine in 2018, and mass production was launched in 2020.

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