The Kinzhal Hypersonic Air-launched Missile Operational with Russian Air Force

The Sputniknews reported that the Kinzhal hypersonic air-launched system has been operational with RuAF. The Kinzhal is capable is able to destroy large, moving sea-based targets such as aircraft carriers, destroyers and cruisers, Russian Deputy Defense Minister Yuri Borisov has confirmed.


Confirming that the Kinzhal (‘Dagger’) system is based on MiG-31, the general explained that that plane takes off into the air, accelerates to a certain speed at a high altitude, and then the missile begins its own autonomous movement.

The Kinzhal is capabile to reach speed of about Mach 10 allows the missile to approach its target faster in contrast to cruise missiles, which fly at much lower speed.


Kinzhal on MiG-31.PNG
KinZhal Missile Mounted on Modernised MiG-31 (Source Sputniknews)


President Vladimir Putin unveiled the Kinzhal and other advanced weapon systems in a speech to Russian lawmakers on March 1.

The system began trial service in Russia’s Southern Military District in December, 2017 aboard a modernized MiG-31.


KinZhal Test.PNG
Kinzhal Missile Fired from a MiG-31 (Source BBC News)



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