Ukrainian troops obliterate Russian RP-377LA electronic warfare system

A rare Russian RP-377LA Lorandit electronic warfare system has been obliterated in a huge explosion after Ukrainian forces carried out an artillery strike.

Video circulating on social media shows Ukrainian Soldiers using artillery to destroy the Russian electronic warfare system in Ukraine’s southern Kherson region.

A RP-377LA Lorandit electronic warfare system, designed to conduct electronic reconnaissance and suppression of radio-frequency sources, is based on UAZ-452 4×4 chassis.

The new modern EW system enables the crew to detect, locate, identify the enemy and will give the commander the capability to counter disrupting and degrading the enemy’s ability to communicate, coordinate and synchronize. The system provides search, location and radio jamming of VHF radio communication equipment.

According to Russian media, the RP-377LA system can search for broadcasting stations operating in the frequency range of 20 to 2000 MHz, and perform radio direction finding from 25 to 2000 MHz. The scanning speed of the working frequency in the PR-377L version is 10 MHz/s, while in the RP-377LA version, it’s 65 MHz/s.

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