Come Back Alive Foundation donates Mk19 grenade launchers to Ukrainian forces

The Come Back Alive charitable foundation has supplied the first batch of 35 specialized sights for U.S.-made Mk19 grenade launchers for the Ukrainian military.

The charitable foundation made this announcement on Tuesday, October 31.

These initial 35 sights for American Mk.19 grenade launchers have already been deployed, notably among airborne assault and mechanized brigades. The total value of the supplied sights exceeds 3 million hryvnias ($82,785).

Recall that earlier this year, in collaboration with the Ukrainer, the project raised 13 million hryvnias ($358,737) to provide nearly 150 sights systems for U.S.-made automatic grenade launchers Mk.19.

According to the Come Back Alive, the initiative was born out of the realization that the standard sights for grenade launchers provided to the Ukrainian military through Western assistance hindered their ability for indirect fire, limiting them to direct-line targeting. This significantly restricted the Mk.19’s combat effectiveness.

The instructional department of the “Return Alive” Fund designed these sights with an artillery-based approach. The foundation said that during testing, the results were exceptional, as the grenades accurately hit their targets without the need for additional adjustments, even when the crew operated from a safer concealed firing position.

This innovative approach to enhancing weaponry is a testament to the ongoing commitment of organizations like the Come Back Alive charitable foundation to equip Ukraine’s military with low-cost and effective tools, ensuring they are better prepared for their defense efforts.

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