Yemeni rebels shot down Chinese-made CASA CH-4 drone

The Russian supplied MANPAD missile system successfully hit the Chinese reconnaissance and strike UAV CH-4.

Yemeni rebels published a video of the destruction of a Chinese multipurpose reconnaissance and strike unmanned aerial vehicle used by the Saudi Arabian Air Force to strike at Houthi positions.

As it turned out, the CASC CH-4 drone was destroyed with the help of the Strela-10 air defense system.

The Yemeni rebels’ detected an attack-reconnaissance UAV, after which a missile was fired at the drone, which successfully hit the UAV. Initially, it was suggested that the target could be hit with the Iranian air defense system, however, judging by the damage to the drone, the target was hit by a small missile defense system.

According to a number of sources, this is the sixth CASC CH-4 UAV of the Saudi Arabian Air Force, destroyed by Yemeni rebels in the airspace over Yemen, and, apparently, Russian MANPAD anti-aircraft missile systems were indeed able to destroy Chinese drones.

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