Israel’s drone strikes destroyed Iran’s 30N6E target engagement radar near Isfahan airport

Satellite imagery seen by The Times of Israel shows damage to a radar system near Iran’s Isfahan airport following reports of an alleged Israeli strike in the area overnight.

Umbra synthetic aperture radar imagery acquired 0648Z 19APR2024 showed evidence of damage to the Iranian S-300PMU2 strategic surface-to-air missile battery in Isfahan since 15APR2024. A probable damaged 30N6E target engagement radar was visible in imagery still on the radar hardstand. Other battery system components, however, have been withdrawn from the site.

The imagery is currently not permitted for publication, per the policy of the agency that took the photo.

Additional synthetic aperture radar satellite images taken today also show evidence that the radar site near Isfahan Airport was targeted.

According to a report earlier today by ABC, the alleged Israeli strike near Isfahan targeted a radar system that was part of the air defenses for Iran’s Natanz nuclear facility.

30N6E target engagement radar

Iran had claimed earlier that three small drones were involved in the attack on Isfahan. State TV said that the small aircraft were destroyed by air defenses, and it made no mention of any missiles or damage in the attack.

Authorities said air defenses fired at a major air base in Isfahan, which long has been home to Iran’s fleet of American-made F-14 Tomcats — purchased before the 1979 Islamic Revolution.

Citing “senior US military sources,” Fox News reported that the target of the strike was a military base in Isfahan,  and not the not the heavily fortified nuclear facilities themselves which lie some 100 kilometers (62 miles) to the north of the city, largely buried under a mountain.

“The Israelis hit what they intended to strike,” one of the sources told Fox News, adding that there was one main target that was hit multiple times and that Iran’s Russian-made air defense system was proven ineffective.

The targets of the strike included air defense systems at the military base, which is used to protect the nearby nuclear facilities, Fox reported.

Israel’s message with the strike was to sell the Iranians on the idea that “we can reach out and touch you,” the source said.

Satellite imagery seen by The Times of Israel damaged the radar system near Isfahan Airport. Per the policy of the agency that took the photo, the imagery was not immediately permitted for publication.

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