Germany purchased Leopard 2A7V Main Battle Tanks

The German Army has adopted a new version of the German Leopard 2 tank. The fighting vehicle is called the Leopard 2A7V.

The Leopard 2A7V is considered to be one of the most protected modern tanks. It has a modular composite armour which provides protection to fighters. The crew consists of four men: commander, gunner, driver and loader.

The armour can protect the crew from a variety of threats. For example, from anti-tank missiles, improvised explosives, mines and anti-tank grenade launchers.

The Leopard 2A7V receives a 120 mm L/55 cannon developed by Rheinmetall. With it, the tank can engage enemy targets with Rheinmetall DM53 APFSDS-T ammunition. It is also possible to use depleted uranium sub-calibre rounds.

Another feature is the ability to use the new DM 11 tank ammunition. A special feature is its adaptable fuse, which enables it to effectively destroy armoured vehicles and personnel in open terrain or indoors. The maximum firing range is 5 km.

The Leopard 2A7V is equipped with the new ATTICA-GL thermal imager for the gunner and ATTICA-Z thermal imager for the commander. They were developed by the German company Hensoldt. The thermal imaging cameras greatly increase the detection and identification range compared with previous generation models. In addition, the tank is equipped with Hensoldt SPECTUS II optics for night time operations.

The fighting vehicle is equipped with a MB 873 diesel engine. Its top speed is 63 km/h. The tank also has a hardened driveline that can withstand the extra load without affecting service life.

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