Paranoid Putin installed barricades and sandbags in Crimea beach

Panicked and Paraniod Vladimir Putin has built anti-tank traps and barricades on beaches in Crimea as he fears he will lose the region he illegally annexed.

The paranoid tyrant has also had a huge number of defence mechanisms including trenches installed close to key access routes in a bid to crush sea and land assaults.

Dragon’s teeth tank traps have been placed at strategic Ak-Monai beside the Taurida highway by occupying Russians to stop a Ukrainian attempt to grab back the peninsula Putin took in 2014. 

Putin has accepted he must decimate the region’s huge tourism industry this summer to hold it against a possible Ukrainian advance as part of an expected Kyiv counteroffensive. 

The scale of the operation is seen on both satellite images and ground level pictures. 

Beaches – one popular with both Russian and Ukrainian tourists as a favourite and glamorous summer playground – have been rendered virtually unusable.

The northern coastlines of Crimea are being defended most acutely amid the clearest signs Putin’s military commanders see the peninsula as vulnerable. 

Defensive artillery positions have been established. 

It comes as Ukraine this week said it might negotiate with Russia on Crimea – but only if it advances to the borders of the peninsula, a massive advance from its current positions. 

Hardline chairman of Russian parliament’s international affairs committee Leonid Slutsky said: ”The status of Crimea is not subject to discussion at all.

There are two land routes into Crimea from Ukraine – now both reinforced by new recently-built defences. 

Some beaches have been mined, according to Ukrainian sources.

The dictator is facing imminent economic carnage in the annexed peninsula’s once money-spinning tourism industry as people refuse to heed official calls to make “patriotic bookings” this summer. 

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