Lockheed Martin to Deliver THAAD Missile Defense to Saudi Arabia in 2023

Lockheed Martin plans to deliver the first THAAD air defense missile system to Saudi Arabia in 2023, according to information published by Defense News on November 16.

The US State Department made a decision approving a possible Foreign Military Sale to Saudi Arabia in October 2017, at an estimated cost of $15 billion.

The Government of Saudi Arabia has requested the potential sale of forty-four THAAD high-altitude area defense launchers, three hundred and sixty interceptor missiles, sixteen THAAD air defense stations, the Tactical Mobile Communications Station, and seven AN/TPY-2 radars.

 Citing Lockheed Martin’s website, in 2017, Saudi Arabia expressed its intent to invest more than $28 billion in integrated air and missile defense, combat ships, tactical aircraft, and rotary wing technologies and programs with Lockheed Martin.

Today, Lockheed Martin is working with Saudi Arabia to support these projects, ensure their compliance with Vision 2030 and support the Kingdom’s security for decades to come.

In November 2018, the media announced that Saudi Arabia had signed a letter of offer and acceptance with the United States for Lockheed Martin’s THAAD air defense missile system.

In March 2020, Lockheed Martin was awarded a $932 million Pentagon contract to purchase THAAD interceptor missiles, some of which are scheduled to be delivered to Saudi Arabia.

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