Russian conscript dropped a grenade on a Russian infantry fighting vehicle

Shocking aerial footage taken by Ukrainian drones showed corpses and the twisted wreckage of vehicles littering fields around the town.

Footage of a grenade detonating after being launched at Russian troops which appears to have been captured by a Ukrainian drone is circulating online.

The video shows a grenade being dropped from above a group of soldiers, described as Russian troops “huddled next to their vehicle.” An explosion occurs, with the figures visibly moving following the detonation. Footage appears to have been posted at one point by a Russian-language Telegram channel for war footage.

Footage of the war in Ukraine has long circulated online, including clips posted by Russia and Ukraine’s militaries. Video recorded by Ukrainian drones, targeting Russian vehicles and military equipment, are frequently posted by social media channels belonging to Ukraine’s military.

The Supernova+ Telegram account indicated that the grenade in the latest footage was a “VOG,” apparently suggesting it is a high explosive grenade-launched VOG-25. Newsweek could not verify this claim.

Another clip shared online showed what appeared to be a Ukrainian drone striking a Russian commander in a BMP-3 infantry fighting vehicle. Some footage, which has been shared by Ukraine’s military, has included a video of a Ukrainian fighter using a Javelin anti-tank missile to hit an unspecified Russian tank. Kyiv’s forces also published footage of a Ukrainian drone taking out a Russian TOR-M2 missile system in March.

In an operational update on Monday morning, Ukraine’s General Staff said Russian forces had launched 26 air strikes and four missile strikes on Ukrainian territory overnight. S-300 missiles were launched to the east and the south of Ukraine, it said.

Russia’s “main efforts” concentrated on the Donetsk settlements on Lyman, Bakhmut, Avdiivska and Maryinka, it added that Ukrainian forces fended off 58 attacks in these areas on Sunday.

More than 290 Ukrainian troops were killed in the Donetsk direction, the Russian defense ministry said on Monday, adding that 11 Ukrainian drones had been downed in the east of the country over the past day.

Long-touted plans for a Ukrainian spring counteroffensive continue to make the headlines, although Ukrainian officials have largely refrained from offering up details on Kyiv’s military plans in recent weeks.

Earlier this month, leaked documents appearing to detail Kyiv’s requirements and NATO analyses of Ukraine’s capabilities for a planned counteroffensive circulated online, prompting a Pentagon investigation. Ukraine’s top officials dismissed the documents as false, but said they would focus on “measures to prevent the leakage of information regarding the plans” of Kyiv’s military.

U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken told European media last week that a counteroffensive was expected in “the coming weeks,” which the Kremlin then said its military had noted. The Washington-based Institute for the Study of War think tank suggested on Sunday that Russia could propose an Orthodox Easter ceasefire later this month to delay a Ukrainian counteroffensive, which the Kremlin denied.

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