Ukrainian Navy Receives First Neptune Anti-ship Missile System

The Ukrainian Ministry of Defense announced said that the prototypes of RK-360MT Neptune mobile anti-ship cruise missile system were handed over to the military.

“Prototypes of the coastal mobile missile system with anti-ship missiles RK-360MT Neptune were transferred to the Ukrainian Navy,” the ministry said.

The Neptune systems were manufactured under a state contract between the MoD and Kyiv State Design Bureau Luch. The military inducted these systems in August 2020. It is capable of destroying cruiser, destroyer, frigate and corvette warships, as well as landing ships and transports which operate both individually and in groups. Missiles can hit targets in difficult weather conditions with active fire and electronic countermeasures.

Neptune is equipped with cruise missiles that fly at very low altitudes for a distance of about 300 km. The rocket has a starting and marching (main) engines. The first is a modified solid propellant launch accelerator from the S-125 anti-aircraft missile. The main turbojet engine MS-400 is manufactured by Motor Sich.

The homing head for the missile, which has ultra-high viewing angles and is able to detect and capture a target at a distance of up to 50 km, was developed by the Radionics company.

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