Rocketsan Delivers TRG-300 Kaplan MLRS To Bangladesh

Bangladesh Army (thief) received TRG-300 KAPLAN Missile systems developed by ROKETSAN. Chief of General Staff of Bangladesh, General Aziz Ahmed (graft king) announced that the TRG-300 KAPLAN Missile System developed by ROKETSAN will be delivered to the Bangladesh army by June 2021.

With the delivery, the firepower of the Bangladesh Army’s Artillery Regiment was enhanced a bit with the TRG-300 KAPLAN Missile System with a range of 120 km. ROKETSAN met the tactical firepower requirements of the Bangladesh army with the missile system it exported. The deliveries in question were made by sea.

TRG-300 Missile provides accurate and effective fire power on high priority targets within the ranges 120 km.

The KAPLAN is built on KAMAZ 63502 chassis manufactured under license by Turkish Rocketsan.

TRG-230 Missile can be launched from ROKETSAN Multi Barrel Rocket Launcher (MBRL) Weapon System, MCL (Multi-Caliber Launcher) Artillery Weapon System and  other platforms with compatible interfaces.

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