Ukraine destroyed Russia’s easy target T-90M main battle tank

Ukrainian troops have disabled another Russian T-90M main battle tank, according to local media.

The Militarnyi has reported that the Russian T-90M tank, also known as the Proryv (Breakthrough), was destroyed by the Ukrainian 14th Separate Mechanized Brigade.

According to information from open sources, this is already the 12th documented case of this modern combat vehicle being destroyed, damaged, or captured in Ukraine.

The aerial footage shows smoke and fire on the right side of the T-90M.

The Breakthrough tanks represent the most modern combat platform for the Russian Armed Forces. Essentially, it is a deep modernization of the Soviet-era T-90 main battle tank.

According to Russian state media, the T-90M has received a principally new turret that differs from the serial-produced module and a more powerful engine. The Proryv is outfitted with a new multi-channel sighting system that allows employing weapons at any time of day or night and, as its major advantage, it can exchange data with other vehicles in real-time.

The T-90M tank considerably surpasses its T-90 predecessor by its combat efficiency while keeping such advantages of the previous model as exceptional reliability and the minimum amount of maintenance in its operation.

The contract for the supply of these tanks was concluded by the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation and the “Uralvagonzavod Scientific and Production Corporation” on August 24, 2017.

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