Naming of Su-57: Sukhoi thought Su-57 could bring luck to the design bureau

A Su-57s engine malfunction during factory trials.

Plagued by technological challenges and financial constraint, the Su-57 fighter’s name had a simple logic behind it and Su-57 was an easy choice. Russian Aerospace Force placed order of 76 jets,–could be receiving the first fully ready and armed Su-57 in late 2019, but postponed deliver of the fighter jets in May 2020 according to United Aircraft Corporation (UAC), the Russian aerospace and defense corporation of which Sukhoi Company part of.

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Sukhoi Believed In Superstition Not Science

Sukhoi Su-57, Russian thought that Su-57 would be marketed as the 5th Generation single-seat twin-engine supersonic stealth fighter, is the most advanced combat aircraft with the Russian Aerospace Force. The fighter’s name Su-57 reveals its manufacturer, 5th Generation status along with some luck attached to it, reported

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According to United Aircraft Corporation (UAC), the  Russian aerospace and defence corporation of which Sukhoi Company is a part of, the 5th Generation’s fighter’s name had a simple logic behind it. The Su stands for Sukhoi, 5 reveals that the aircraft belongs to the 5th Generation stealth fighters while Sukhoi Design Bureau considers 7 lucky.

Name Doesn’t Make Fifth Generation Fighter Without Technology To Back It

Initially, India was part of the development process of T-50 PAK FA but later pulled out of the programme following concerns over the huge cost and technical parameters of the then proposed combat aircraft.

Since the departure of India from the programme, Indian assessment of the aircraft revealed that the Su-57 might be the unlucky 4++ generation aircraft with no AESA radar, no supercruise capability, questionable airframe design, faulty engine and high radar signature blow up the chances to be acquired by Indian Air Force.

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So when it came to the formal name of the aircraft, Su-57 was an easy choice. Russian Aerospace Force started receiving the first fully ready and armed Su-57 in late 2019 after placing an order for 76 jets.

The United States of America-led North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) has codenamed the Su-57 as ‘Felon’.

Malfunction of flight control system, avionics and engine failure caused Su-57 crashed repeatedly.

According to Russian defense officials, the Su-57 can take off as well as land on very short runways. The jet is capable of annihilating targets on land, in air and in the sea.

Former Russian Aerospace Force Commander-in-Chief Colonel General Viktor Bondarev had in August 2017 disclosed that the then under-development 5th Generation fighter had been named Su-57. “The decision has been made and the plane has got its name like a child after birth. Su-57 is how we now call it,” Russian news channel Zvezda TV had quoted him as saying.

During the development phase, the Su-57 was called Sukhoi T-50 PAK FA (Perspective Aviation Complex of Frontline Aviation). The jet first took to the skies in 2010.

Failed Export Attempts

The deputy head of Ministry of Defense of Russian Federation, Lieutenant General Yunus-Bek Yevkurov announced that the engine of Su-57 is not ready and cannot be used in a serially produced aircraft.

Keen to land some export orders, Russia unveiled the export version of the fighter called Su-57E during the International Aviation and Space Salon MAKS-2019 near Moscow in August 2019. Russia’s desperate attempt sale the aircraft to Turkey, China, Algeria, Azerbaijan, Vietnam and Myanmar proved fruitless.

China rejected the export offer by Russia saying, “Su-57 fighters did not remain in Syria for a long time before returning back to Russia. During this period, they did not participate in any battles, even if the militants did not have decent air defense capabilities. The Su-57 fighter was not tested even in the bombing, and therefore such tests are like a joke in the international community. ”, – the Chinese publication “Sina” reported.

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