Russian Efforts To Sale Su-57E To India and UAE Failed Again

A Su-57s engine malfunction during factory trials.

The Russians’ efforts to promote, to the greatest extent possible, the Russian Su-57 multi-role fighter aircraft at international exhibitions of defense systems and equipment, such as IDEX-2021, proved fruitless. None of the countries in the Middle East have shown interest in the Russian Su-57E.

According to Russian news agency Rentapostagma, the export version of the Russian Su-57E fighter would become the pinnacle among the rest of the expositions at the airshow in India and the UAE, it turned out that none of the countries in the Middle East showed interest in this Russian combat aircraft. Initially, it was assumed that the United Arab Emirates might be interested in the purchase of the Su-57E, but not a single contract within the framework of the exhibitions was concluded.

Moscow has recently been trying to “sell” the Su-57 to international markets and aspired to reach some agreements with third countries, but no Middle Eastern country has previously shown interest in the “Su-57” but fear of CAATSA sanctions all Middle Easter countries refrain from adopting Su-57.

As the official representative of the Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation of Russia told the TASS news agency: “Our Service has received many requests from foreign customers for the Su-57E multi-role fighter aircraft, but not from Middle Eastern countries.”

He further added that the main priority is the supply of the 4++ generation Su-57 fighter to the Russian Ministry of Defense, the Service said, stressing that they are ready to start talks on the supply of the aircraft in case of interest.

An expert believes that the military acquisition programs of Middle Eastern countries are different than Southeast Asian countries, apart from Israel, which has US F-35s, the no other country is interested in acquiring Su-57.

The United Arab Emirates placed an order of 50 F-35 stealth fighter jets and MQ-9B drones from the United States which is currently on hold by the Biden Administration for further review.

Algeria is the first foreign buyer of Russian Su-57E fighter jet however Algeria will not receive the fighter jet until 2028 due to manufacturing fault and delays in factory trials.

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