Hanwha Defence AS21 Redback Infantry Fighting Vehicle

Hanwha AS21 Redback

Hanwha’s AS21 Redback is a heavily-upgraded version of the K21 IFV that has been in service with the South Korean army since 2009. The platform is being offered with a new two-man T2000 30mm turret developed by Canberra company Electro-Optic Systems, and will benefit from close collaboration with Israel’s Elbit Systems on C4I systems integration.

The AS21 Redback is the best protected IVF with crew comforts. The AS21 has a digital Battle Management System (BMS), can travel up to 65KM/hr. The operating range of AS21 is 520 KM. The AS21 Redback is operated by three crews and can accommodate 8 soldiers. The Redback can integrated with an active protection system.

The AS21 Redback is mounted with 12.7mm remote control weapon station. The main 30mm Cannon offer fire support for the ground forces. The AS21 is also fitted with 7.62mm machine gun and ATGM.

Apart from the sole user South Korean Army, the Redback has been shortlisted by Australian Government for the IVF requirement of Australian Army.

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