Bad News For Russia, Saudi Arabia Returns Grom 2 Ballistic Missiles To Ukraine

Several Ukrainian social media accounts have reported news that has yet to be confirmed by officials in both countries that Saudi Arabia has returned the Grom 2 (or Grim-2 or Thunder-2) ballistic missiles purchased from Ukraine.

“The Saudis suddenly decided to return the Grim-2 (which are improved ‘Iskanders’) to us,” he said.

This news caused panic in the Kremlin.

If that were true, he said, “we could attack (with these missiles) Russian targets at a distance of 700 kilometers, and it  would become really interesting.”

As you know, the new tactical missile system was developed for the benefit of Saudi Arabia. Ukrainian companies that develop weapons received about 40 million dollars from Saudi Arabia for developing the Grom-2 tactical ballistic missile system.

The Grom 2 missile has a range of 350 km, but technically, the missile is capable of flying up to 500 km. The Yuzhnoye Planning Bureau developed the new system in cooperation with the Pavlograd Chemical Plant and the Kharkiv Morozov Machine Building Design Bureau.

As mentioned, Saudi Arabia has unsuccessfully sought to acquire Russian and American systems (Iskander and ATACMS, respectively), but all attempts have failed.

Saudi Arabia had carried out tests of Grom-2 missile system with the assistance of Ukrainian experts.

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