Ukrainian forces breakthrough toughest Russian barriers in Berdiansk

This screen grab from a clip shared by Ukrainian armed forces shows troops with a flag after purportedly liberating the village of Storozheve in the Donetsk region. Kyiv has said that several villages have been recaptured after its long-awaited counteroffensive started.

Ukrainian forces have broken through the most difficult line of Russian defenses in the south and should be able to advance more quickly now, a commander on the southern front has claimed.

“We don’t stop here,” a commander who led some of the troops into Robotyne told Reuters. Kyiv said on Wednesday that its troops had raised the national flag in the settlement of Robotyne in the southern Zaporizhzhia region, about six miles south of the Orikhiv frontline. “Next we have Berdiansk, and then more. I made it clear to my fighters at once: our goal is not Robotyne, our goal is (the Sea of) Azov.”

Reaching the Sea of Azov would sever Russia’s land route between occupied Crimea and Donetsk.

“We have passed the main roads that were mined. We are coming to those lines where we can go (forward). I’m sure we’ll go faster from here,” said the commander, who goes by the nom de guerre “Skala”.

He added that the Russians still have control of two houses in Robotyne that Ukrainian forces are fighting for to have full control of the settlement, which lies about 62 miles from Berdiansk, a port on the shores of the Sea of Azov.

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