Turkey Actively Studying S-400 Air Defense System to Reverse Engineer and Make T-400 SAM

Turkey has begun studying Russian S-400 air defense systems which it had received from Russia in 2019, reported Turkish media.

According to a number of reports, the Turkish military is actively studying one of the S-400 Triumph air defense systems put into service with the country, intending thereby to create their own counterparts to the Russian air defense systems.

According to information from a number of sources, the Turkish military is able to extract critical operational data from the Russian S-400 Triumph air defense systems when it tested the system last month. The reason for this last S-400 tests was to find ways to defeat the systems using Bayraktar TB2 drones or use of Kargu kamikaze drones.

Turkish defense company such as Alsesan and Havelsan were involved studying S-400 SAM. The Russian side provided Ankara with full technical information about the operation of these missiles, Turkey is using technical data to develop its own developments. Turkey allegedly leaning to called the missile systems as T-400.

Nevertheless, due to advancement of Turkish defense companies, Turkish specialists managed to implement their plans, at least for now.

President Erdogan said that Turkey will adopt the S-400 complexes in April. But more than a year has passed since the delivery of the S-400 to Turkey, and no progress has occurred, and the problem is more than strange given the fact that Ankara has previously published limited capability of Nebo-M radar of S-400 systems as part of the ongoing tests – all that we saw it was a missile launch, but not a target hit, reported Turkish media.

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