Video Shows How Armenian Missile Systems Were Disrupted By Electronic Attacks

A recent video released by Azerbaijan Army shows that Turkish Air Force has conducted major electronic attacks on Russian-made air defense systems of Armenia before sending Bayraktar TB2 drones to strikes at the positional area of surface-to-air defense systems. The reason for the failure of the Armenian air defense was the powerful electronic suppression.

Azerbaijani information resources have confirmed a video recording showing how a Turkish-made KORAL electronic warfare system of Azerbaijani forces successfully carries out electronic suppression of air defense systems of the armies of Artsakh and Armenia. This is how the most air defense systems in service with the army of Artsakh and Armenia, including the S-300, Pantsir and Tor air defense systems, were destroyed.

In the presented video frames, you can see a series of unsuccessful attempts by the Armenian military to shoot down an unmanned aerial vehicle carrying out reconnaissance of the area. The first rocket launched was able to fly only about 300-400 meters and plummeted into the ground. A few minutes later, another rocket was fired, which arrived a little more and also fell next to the launcher, which indicates the complete suppression of air defense by a Koral electronic warfare system.

Azerbaijani President is seen here next to a Koral EW system.

It has been well known that Turkish Koral Electronic Warfare systems were used to suppress air defense systems on the territory of Karabakh as well as the Belarusian “Groza” and their various modifications are mainly in service with Azerbaijan.

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