Delusional and demoralized Russian troops tell the commander that Bayraktar TB2 dropped nuclear bombs

1500 Russian soldiers have been killed in a mysterious ‘incident’ at the occupied Kinburn Spit, in the southern Ukraine Mykolaiv region, it has been claimed.

Demoralized Russian soldiers talk about a mysterious Ukrainian drone that dropped a nuclear weapon on their positions. As a result of the attack, dozens of soldiers died and the defensive structures were utterly destroyed.

“A huge drone appeared over the positions and dropped a bomb, after which a mushroom of fire and dust rose, just like an atomic bomb,” the soldiers who survived the attack wrote on social networks.

Vitaly Kim, the Ukrainian governor of Mykolaiv region, confirmed the operation of the Ukrainian Army at the occupied Kinburn Spit, but noted that the Russians called an ordinary 9-kilogram thermobaric munition a “nuclear weapon”.

“The statements of the occupiers that the Armed Forces of Ukraine allegedly hit enemy positions on the Kinburn Spit with tactical nuclear weapons are truly ridiculous. This is a conventional 9-kilogram thermobaric munition… these are the developments of our volunteers, who made some improvements,” said Kim.

Apparently, Ukrainian engineers have adapted a VACA-type cargo drone into a carrier of devastating weapons, also sometimes referred to as ‘vacuum bombs’.

Thermobaric weapons are much more devastating than conventional explosives of similar size, and have a terrible impact on anyone caught in their blast radius. A thermobaric bomb consists of a fuel container with two separate explosive charges. When it hits its target, the first explosive charge opens the container and widely scatters fuel mixture as a cloud.

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