Ukraine says its Neptune cruise missiles hit the Russian airbase in Crimea damaging 12 Su-30 and one Su-24 aircraft

Satellite image shows explosions caused by Neptune cruise missile damaged 12 parked Su-30 aircraft and part of runway.

Ukraine’s military said on Thursday its forces had struck a Russian air base in Crimea, but an adviser to a Russian-installed official on the peninsula said none of Ukraine’s missiles had hit their target.

A brief statement released by the Ukrainian military said its forces had attacked the Saky air base in western Crimea overnight, but gave no further details.

A Ukrainian intelligence source said the attack was carried out by the SBU security service and navy with drones and Neptune cruise missiles. The attack “hit the target and caused serious damage” to equipment at the air base, the source said.

On the night of September 21, residents of occupied Crimea started that multiple missiles and drones hit the Russian air base. In the morning, it became known that the Security Service of Ukraine and the Ukrainian Navy had launched a massive strike on the Saki airfield.

It is reported that there were at least 12 Su-30 fighter jets and Su-24 frontline bombers were damaged at the airfield. In addition, anti-aircraft missile and cannon systems “Pantsir-S1” were based here.

According to the Security Service of Ukraine, the airfield hosts a training center for operators of Mohajer-6 unmanned aerial vehicles. The Iranian-made drones can carry out strikes and fire adjustments.

Kamikaze drones and Neptune anti-ship cruise missiles were used for the attack. It is reported that they hit the target accurately and caused serious damage to Russian military equipment. We await confirmation in the form of photos and video. Local media confirm missile and drone hits. At the same time, officials say that Crimea was attacked only by Beaver kamikaze drones and not all of the drones were intercepted.

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