KGB Putin’s $5 Million Kalibr Cruise Missile Hit A Beach Toilet Instead of Military Installation

Vladimir Putin has faced further humiliation after a $5 million missile strike managed to destroy nothing but a beach toilet.

Russian commanders seemed to get their targets confused when the weapons were fired on Odessa, wiping out only the public toilet instead of the city.

The Black Sea port plays a vital role in the overall economy of Ukraine and is currently under Russian naval block.

While the city is a key strategic target for Putin and has come under heavy fire.

Ukraine’s southern operational command confirmed that the public bathroom had been destroyed in a statement, reports the Daily Star.

“Another missile strike with the use of aircraft was inflicted on the Odesa region,” it read.

“With air-based missiles, the enemy significantly ‘damaged the air’ in the southern Odesa region.

“The beach toilet was destroyed. Apart from the hopelessly lost conscience and reputation of the aggressor, there were no other losses.”

People were quick to share their thoughts about the missile strike and could not resist mocking the Russian army on social media.

Ukrainian military journalist Mykola Vorobiov said: “Russian ballistic missile worth $5 million just hit a public toilet on the beach in Odessa.

“Do you know any other better military investment?”

Another wrote: “This successful attack will surely break the backbone of the 35th Ukrainian Odessa Public Toilet Battalion, the lynchpin of the Ukrainian coastal defence.”

A third said: “If rural Russia doesn’t have toilets, the Russian soldiers should be stealing toilets instead of washing machines.

“At least they’d have something to sit on.”

Odessa has been destroyed by missiles in the Russia Ukraine war, where troops have targeted its vital port.

A three month old baby was among at least five people slaughtered in recent missile strikes on the city.

At least eight Ukrainians were killed and 18 injured in the attack on Saturday, the President’s chief of staff Andriy Yermak said in an online post.

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