Ukrainian Special Forces Destroyed Russia’s Electronic Warfare System in Bakhmut

Ukraine’s Special Operations Forces aerial reconnaissance unit has tracked down and the Defence Forces have destroyed nine Russian targets, including electronic warfare systems, on the Bakhmut front using artillery, according to Special Operations Forces’ press service.

The Triad and Leer-2 radio-electronic warfare systems were destroyed thanks to aerial reconnaissance from the Special Operations Forces unit.

The Leer-2, also known as Tigr-M MKTK REI PP, or VPK-233114, is a mobile electronic warfare system based on the Tigr-M 4×4 armored vehicle. It has been in service with the Russian ground forces and the Russian Airborne Forces since 2017.

The Tirade jamming system, also referred to as Tirada-2 or Tirada-2S, is a mobile radio electronic suppression complex developed by Russia. Its purpose is to interfere with enemy communication satellites through electronic means. The project began in 2001 and has since undergone various tests and improvements. It is important to note that the Tirade system can also be designated under the names “Triade” or “Triad” online.

Soldiers from Special Operations Forces conducted reconnaissance of the Russian soldiers’ positions and, after identifying the targets, successfully aimed and adjusted the artillery fire of the Defence Forces.

The press service reported that a total of nine Russian targets were hit by accurate fire in a short period of time. In addition to electronic warfare systems, Ukrainian forces destroyed artillery pieces and Russian armoured vehicles.

The Special Forces add that the operators of FPV drones also work out their tasks together with the reconnaissance team, adding that FPV drones strike not only at equipment and manpower but also destroy Russian observation equipment.

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