Russian President Vladimir Putin suffers cardiac arrest, collapses in bedroom: Telegram channel reported

Kremlin officials have broken their silence on Vladimir Putin’s health after it was claimed the Russian President suffered a suspected cardiac arrest.

Spokesman Dimitry Peskov spoke out against the claims which circulated via the Telegram channel General SVR.

In the last few years, there have been reports that Putin, 71, has multiple health problems but the Kremlin has denied all such reports. 

Russian President Vladimir Putin suffered a ‘cardiac arrest’ and collapsed in his bedroom on Sunday, UK’s Mirror reported citing a statement from a Telegram channel, General SVR – which tracks the Kremlin. It said the doctors had to resuscitate Putin before taking him to a special intensive care facility located within his official residence.

Visuals shared online also showed Putin sporting ‘scars on his neck’ while he addressed a public event.

“Doctors performed resuscitation, having previously determined that the president was in cardiac arrest,” the channel was quoted as saying. “Help was provided on time, the heart was started and Putin regained consciousness.”

In the last few years, there have been reports that Putin, 71, has multiple health problems but the Kremlin has denied all such reports. 

General SVR, which claims to have an inside source on his entourage, said that at about 21:05 Moscow time, security officers of the Russian premier heard noise and sounds of falling coming from the president’s bedroom, the report said. “Two security officers immediately followed into the president’s bedroom and saw Putin lying on the floor next to the bed and an overturned table with food and drinks.”

“Probably, when the president fell, he hit the table and dishes and knocked them onto the floor, which caused the noise. Putin convulsively arched while lying on the floor, rolling his eyes. The doctors who were on duty at the residence and located in one of the adjacent rooms were immediately called,” the statement by the channel said as per Mirror.

According to the report, Putin was moved to a specially equipped room in his residence, where the necessary medical equipment for resuscitation had already been installed. His condition was “stabilised” and he was “under constant medical supervision”.

According to General SVR’s recent report, which has been picked up by several Western outlets, after his latest health scare Putin was installed in a bedroom featuring cutting-edge medical equipment.

“The president’s condition has been stabilized. He is under constant medical supervision,” the channel claimed.

The cardiac arrest has raised concerns among members of Putin’s inner circle, some of whom allegedly agreed to have a meeting about “possible actions to be taken if the president dies in the coming days.”

The Telegram channel has repeatedly claimed that Putin suffers from a host of serious and potentially terminal ailments, including cancer affecting his stomach and bowels, and Parkinson’s disease.

The channel said that it had already repeatedly talked about the deterioration of Putin’s health due to oncology and a number of other diseases. This case of cardiac arrest, it added, seriously alarmed the president’s inner circle, despite the fact that the attending doctors had already warned that Putin was very ill and was unlikely to live until the end of autumn. The statement further claimed that recently, all official meetings and events had been conducted by the president’s double. After Sunday’s cardiac arrest, the channel said, several people close to Putin contacted each other by telephone and agreed to hold consultations “regarding possible acti

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