Skylark 3 Field Deployable Tactical UAS

The Skylark 3 is a tactical mini UAV system (UAS) optimized for either dismounted or vehicle-based operation delivering organic airborne ISTAR capabilities to the division, brigade and battalion levels. The Skylark 3 enables performance of ongoing covert operations, providing real-time intelligence during day and night. Its effective payload weight capabilities are industry-leading in its class. Skylark 3’s high resolution, gimbaled and stabilized dual EO/IR payload facilitate a wide-range of applications including:

  • Over the hill intelligence
  • Force and convoy protection
  • Strategic infrastructure protection
  • Border patrol
  • Security operations

The platform is fully autonomous from take-off to landing and is designed for mission oriented operation that doesn’t require any piloting skills. Skylark 3 – bringing the next generation of ISTAR capabilities to the field. Key features:

Covert operation – the air vehicle is electrically propelled and features extremely low acoustic and visual signatures

  • Dual payload – high resolution EO/IR gimbaled payload
  • Versatility – wide array of payloads including EO/IR, ELINT and COMINT
  • Advanced mission features – handover between ground stations, Aerial hot swap, Remote video terminals
  • Simple to operate – fully autonomous from takeoff to landing
  • In field operation – doesn’t require any infrastructure as it takes off and lands in the field
  • Rapid deployment – full deployment until takeoff in less than 20 min.
  • Robust – designed for ongoing operations in harsh field conditions

Elbit Systems and Indian company Adani Defense and Aerospace opened a joined factory in southern India for production of components for Hermes series UAVs. With the beginning of UAV production in India, Elbit Systems sources said that the company would use this UAV production line to supply its customers all over the world.

The Skylark 3 is delivered to 30 international customers, including India and the Philippines, the Skylark flew tens of thousands of operational sorties around globe.

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