Oshkosh awarded $152 million contracts for JLTVs for NATO allies

The U.S. Army awarded Oshkosh with a $152 million contract for Joint Light Tactical Wheeled Vehicles for the U.S. military and NATO allies. Photo courtesy of Oshkosh Defense

The U.S. Army Contracting Command awarded Oshkosh Defence a $152 million contract for the Joint Light Tactical Wheeled Vehicles, trailers and associated kits, the Department of Defense announced.

The order, announced Wednesday evening, will support the U.S. Army, U.S. Marine Corps, U.S. Air Force, U.S. Navy and NATO allies Lithuania, North Macedonia, Slovenia, and Romania.

“We’ve spent over 10 years developing our vehicle, followed by nearly six years of manufacturing the vehicle in both low rate and full-rate production,” George Mansfield, vice president and general manager of Oshkosh Defense’s Joint Programs, said Thursday in a press release.

“We had a busy spring and the momentum surrounding the platform continues to grow,” Mansfield said.

The company has refined its manufacturing process, and matured its supply chain, which he said puts Oshkosh in position to produce the vehicles far into the future.

Mansfield said the company has “no plans to stop building the JLTV anytime soon.”

The U.S. Army recently increased the company’s option ceiling from 18,170 to 23,163 JLTVs.

In February, Oshkosh produced its 10,000th JLTV — more than half its orders for the vehicle — and said that it expects the vehicle to become a central piece of the U.S. military’s ground force since both the Army and Marine Corps are adopting the vehicle.

To date, Oshkosh has also fulfilled orders from Britain, Belgium, Montenegro and Brazil.

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