Sweden Transfer 5,000 AT-4 Disposable Anti-tank Weapons to Ukraine

A soldier holds a AT-4 anti-tank weapons system during a military exercise.

Sweden recently announced its intention to transfer AT4 rocket-propelled grenades to Ukraine. The first batch of this weapon was already delivered to the recipient and distributed among the units of the Ukrainian army.

The AT4 is a single-use light infantry anti-tank weapon. The main element of the complex is a launch tube 1020 mm long with a smooth channel of 84 mm caliber. It is made of aluminium and fibreglass, due to which a minimum weight is obtained with acceptable strength. The pipe is designed for only one shot, which reduces the strength requirements. The ends are covered with lids.

Outside, a folding front sight and a sight are placed on the pipe. There are mounts for installing other sights, including night. Also outside the pipe is a percussion mechanism of a fairly simple design. Its main detail is a spring-loaded drummer located at the rear end of the pipe and interacting with the grenade primer. The impact mechanism has several fuses used during transportation and when firing.

The main ammunition of the AT4 or 86mm is a HEAT warhead grenade that can penetrate up to 450 mm of homogeneous armor. Later, a grenade with improved performance was developed up to 500-600 mm.

The experience of recent days shows that foreign weapons may not reach the point of use. Thus, the Russian army repeatedly knocked out such foreign aid along with the warehouses where it was located. In addition, Ukrainian armed formations often flee, leaving their weapons behind. Various foreign models have already been found in abandoned positions, and Swedish AT4s will likely replenish them soon.

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