Japan’s MHI develops an advanced derivative of type 12 ASM

Japan originally developed type 91 air-launched antiship missile based on surface-to-ship missile for the Ground Self-Defense Force by utilizing the Type 88 missile technology of the Ground Self-Defense Force.

JSDF Launches Type 12 Missile

The advanced derivative called type 12 anti-ship missile developed by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries.

The new ASM, which will be the successor to the Type 91 ASM that currently arms Japan’s P-3C Orions and the P-1 aircraft, is set to be an extended-range version of the Type 12 ground-launched ASM in service with the Japan Ground Self-Defense Force (JGSDF).

Japan is developing a new air-launched anti-ship missile (ASM) to arm the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force’s (JMSDF’s) P-1 maritime patrol aircraft (MPA), a spokesperson for the Ministry of Defense’s (MoD’s) Acquisition, Technology, and Logistics Agency (ATLA) confirmed GDC on 28 February.

Japan times reported that the type 12 missile’s range is expected to be extended to up to 400 km launched from Kawasaki P1 MPA.

According to Japanese media reports, a P-1 maritime patrol aircraft equipped with four upgraded Type-12 missiles conducted its first test flight from the Atsugi Naval Air Facility on February 10, 2020. The P-1 will reportedly be capable of carrying up to eight new missiles replacing Type 91 ASMs that currently arm the JMSDF’s fleet of P-1s and  P-3C Orions.  

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