Taiwan’s first indigenous LPD starts sea trials

Yu Shan (LPD-1401) was launched in April 2021, and the company achieved to make the vessel ready for sea trials after a year of work. The 10,000 tons amphibious vessel is set to be delivered to the Republic of China Navy (ROC or Taiwan Navy) in April 2022.

According to CSBC, the new Landing Platform Dock (LPD) is an important naval shipbuilding project, and is part of the government’s policy of “national shipbuilding.” The ship has a total length of 153 meters, an overall beam of 23 meters, a hull draught of 6 meters and a full-load displacement of 10,600 tons.

The main task of the vessel will be amphibious operations: Serve as the main unit in an amphibious task force to carry out amphibious combat missions or perform recovery operations on Taiwan’s outer (offshore) islands, and serve as a maritime mobile field hospital. Secondary roles include disaster relief (the vessel can serve as a temporary field hospital) and international humanitarian relief.

The LPD can carry AAV-7 amphibious assault vehicles, landing craft, Hummer vehicles and 673 soldiers. The ship will also be equipped with seven or six fast artillery pieces, a Square Array Rapid Artillery and two Sea Sword missiles for self-defence.

The new LPD will be armed with TC-2N medium-range air defense system, 76mm gun, and two Phalanx CIWS. 

CSBC will build four LPDs for the ROC Navy. Afteri entering service, Yu Shan will replace the ROC Navy’s only operating amphibious transport dock, the ROCS Hsu Hai (ex-USS Pensacola), which the Taiwan Navy has operated for more than 50 years.

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