Ukrainian artillery strikes blew up Russian supply train with spectacular fires

Dramatic footage shows the moment a Ukrainian shell hit train tankers in the Russian-occupied city of Donetsk, creating a raging inferno.

The major attack at the train station reportedly killed two and wounded a dozen as a huge smoke cloud covered the eastern Ukrainian city that was taken by Russia over a year ago.

An incoming Ukrainian shell hit the train tankers at Mushketovo station, sending flames hundreds of feet into the sky.

The strike created a mushroom of heavy smoke that blanketed Donetsk as the fires blazed through the night.

Disrupting transportation networks is a key tactic for Ukraine in order to wreak havoc in Moscow-controlled parts of Ukraine and break apart Russian supply lines to the front line.

“Two people were killed, including an employee of the Ministry of Emergency Situations,” said Russian puppet leader in Donetsk, Denis Pushilin.

Major Russian newspaper Izvestia said three of its reporters were injured by the explosion.

“An Izvestia news team was wounded while working at an area of shelling in Donetsk.

“Three correspondents have been admitted to hospital,” said the media outlet, which is controlled by a group headed by Vladimir Putin’s lover, Alina Kabaeva.

Russia reported 29 separate Ukrainian strikes on the so-called Donetsk People’s Republic in the past 24 hours alone.

It comes as Ukraine humiliated Russia on the battlefield by blowing up a £5million Russian tank using only a £300 drone earlier this month.

Footage shared by Ukraine’s 59th Motorised Brigade shows the final moments of a TOS-1A Heavy flamethrower before the dramatic explosion.

The epic scene is filmed from a Ukrainian drone that is hovering above the soviet tank, which was later decimated.

Only weeks before, Ukrainian jet ski commandos launched a raid that struck at the heart of Putin’s naval stronghold.

In the dead of night, twenty frogmen loaded up with guns, grenades and rockets embarked on a daring mission inside occupied Crimea, which Russia has spent years turning into a fortress.

As their boots hit the ground, they were the first Ukrainian troops to set foot on the illegally annexed peninsula in almost a decade.

Kyiv then released further incredible footage of their successful midnight incursion in an added embarrassment for Russian forces.

Ukraine has made it their mission to turn both Crimea and Russian-occupied territories into an active war zone that they regularly target with a barrage of missiles and kamikaze drone attacks.

The British missiles tore holes in the hull of a £250million submarine and an assault ship in a huge embarrassment to Putin who had just sat down with Kim Jong-un to kick-off his “friendship” tour visit.

And in August, Kyiv carried out two daring raids on two intelligence ships and strikes which blew up a military transport and an oil tanker.

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