Kamov fixes inaccurate gatling gun of KA-52M helicopter

MOSCOW (GDC) — Russia has fixed inaccurate gun and missile targeting system of Kamov Ka-52M combat helicopter, learned GDC citing the Russian Industry and Trade Minister Denis Manturov.

“The latest Ka-52M helicopter made its debut flight at the Progress Aircraft Company of Russian Helicopters Group (a part of the Rostec).

After numbers of complaints by Egyptian Navy, Russia decided to upgrade the KA-52 helicopter. The Egyptian Navy acquired a large number of kamov helicopters to operate onboard French-made helicopter carrier. The Egyptian complaint includes inaccurate gun and missiles fitted onto KA-52 helicopters.

The modification of Ka-52M helicopter features an upgraded opto-electronic target detection system, a new digital drive that will fix inaccurate gun. The upgraded helicopter also carries a pulse doppler radar, the Industry and Trade Ministry and Russian Helicopters Group said in their statements.

The upgraded helicopter designed to operate in in Arctic conditions.

Russian Helicopters Group CEO Andrei Boginsky said that the helicopter manufacturer had started the experimental design work on the Ka-52’s upgrade on order from Russia’s defense minister last year, taking into account its combat employment.

“The Ka-52M’s missile armament has been standardized with the armament of another legacy Mi-28NM helicopter, the chief executive said.

The flight tests of the Ka-52M will be carried out by specialists of the helicopter’s developer (the Mil and Kamov National Helicopter-Building Center). Upon the completion of preliminary delivery trials, state joint trials will begin next year.

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