Russian Su-24 crashed landed at military airfields

The Russian front-line bomber nearly crashed during landing due to a crew error learnt GDC quoting Russian news agency Avia.Pro. A day ago, while landing at one of the military airfields, the Russian Su-24 front-line bomber nearly crashed, landing without landing gear. The aircraft at the last moment managed to gain speed and only miraculously escaped the disaster, which later became apparent when demonstrating the corresponding video frames.

In the presented video, it is clearly seen that the Russian front-line bomber only released the front landing gear, while the aircraft continued to approach the runway, the plane still managed to touch the surface of the runway, having received some damage.

Russian pilots landed the aircraft at a high angle on the runway causing an engine damage.

Experts believe that in the incident there was definitely crew fault, since the latter was not convinced of the release of the chassis, while the flight director, who managed to warn the crew about the need for emergency climb, played a key role in saving the aircraft and crew. Experts believes that the incident could have been avoid if the pilot was correctly trained in Russia.

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