Germany confirms their willingness to provide Ukraine with Taurus missile if U.S. delivers ATACMS missile

Taurus on Tornado in the test center WTD61

Technically, Germans say they are ready to provide their famous cruise missiles Taurus to Ukraine – but only when similar ATACMS rockets are supplied by the United States.

German officials indicate their willingness to provide Ukraine with long-range Taurus cruise missiles, but with a caveat that the transfer should coincide with a similar action from the United States.

This sentiment has been expressed by members of Germany’s ruling Social Democratic Party, including Chancellor Olaf Scholz.

Nils Schmid, the spokesperson for the SPD faction in the Bundestag on foreign policy, alluded to this in an interview with Deutsche Welle on August 6. He mentioned the possibility of supplying additional systems like the Taurus in conjunction with American efforts.

The conditions attached to the transfer of cruise missiles to Ukraine by German politicians are as follows: Ukrainian personnel should possess the capability to program the missile targets without requiring Bundeswehr military involvement. This condition aims to prevent direct intervention in the conflict.

Andreas Schwarz, an SPD Bundestag deputy, also supports providing Taurus missiles to Ukraine. He stated that given Ukraine’s limited air support, guided weapons like the Taurus could aid in overcoming Russian-installed minefields and regaining lost territory.

It appears that the German government might be preparing the groundwork for a coordinated approach, suggesting that the transfer of Taurus missiles to Ukraine aligns with the United States’ transfer of ATACMS missiles.

However, German politicians are still in the process of assessing the military situation in Ukraine and global circumstances to determine the potential for the missile transfer decision.

The German opposition states that there are only 150 operational Taurus missiles within the Bundeswehr. Additional 450 stored missiles could be refurbished at MBDA facilities to make them fully operational and subsequently provided to Ukraine.

ATACMS and Taurus Missiles

The ATACMS (Army Tactical Missile System) and Taurus missiles are both advanced long-range missile systems, but they have several differences in terms of origin, capabilities, and deployment. Here’s a comparison of the two:

ATACMS is an American missile system developed by Lockheed Martin. It has been in service with the United States and its allies.

Taurus missile is a product of cooperation between Germany and Sweden. It is manufactured by the German-Swedish company Taurus Systems GmbH, a subsidiary of MBDA Deutschland GmbH.

ATACMS system is designed primarily for striking enemy targets on the battlefield. It can carry various types of warheads and is capable of precision strikes.

Taurus missile is designed for precision strikes against heavily fortified and protected targets, including bunkers, command centers, and other high-value infrastructure.
ATACMS uses inertial navigation combined with GPS guidance for accuracy.

Taurus: features a two-way data link and an advanced terrain-following guidance system that helps it navigate and evade enemy defenses more effectively.

ATACMS has varying ranges depending on the specific version, but they generally fall within the range of 300 to 700 kilometers.

Taurus has a range of approximately 500 kilometers.
ATACMS can carry different types of warheads, including unitary explosive warheads, submunitions, and cluster munitions.

Taurus is often equipped with a penetrating warhead designed to defeat hardened and deeply buried targets.

ATACMS have been deployed by the United States and its allies in various conflicts and military operations.

Taurus is used by the German and Swedish armed forces and has also been considered for export to other countries.

Both missiles have been mentioned in the context of potential synchronization for transfer to Ukraine by Germany and the United States, respectively.

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