Ukrainian Army Started Using Taiwan-made Revolver 860 Drones

According to Taiwan News referring to Oryx, Taiwan-made DronesVision Revolver 860 combat drones are being used by Ukrainian forces against the Russian invasion forces.

On August 17, Oryx reported that Revolver 860 combat VTOL UAVs had been sold to Poland and subsequently transferred to Ukraine. Last June, CM Media cited a social media post by a military enthusiast showing that the Revolver 860 was being used by the Ukrainian military to drop mortar shells on Russian troops.

The Revolver 860 is a VTOL combat drone designed with four arms and eight rotors. Its weapons bay (a barillet, hence its name of ”revolver”) can carry up to eight 60mm mortar shells. Customization for other calibers (81 or 120mm) can be discussed. The drone can stay airborne for 20 to 40 minutes, depending on weight and wind conditions. The drone can be operated within a 20km range. Its maximum takeoff weight is 42kg.

When asked on Thursday (Aug. 18) to comment on claims that 800 of its Revolver 860 UAVs had been sent to the Ukrainian army, a representative for DronesVision told Taiwan News that the company only ships to customers in Poland, and it cannot comment on where those firms may later send the drones as it has signed non-discloser agreements with its clients. The representative said that purchases of the drones picked up in Poland in March, shortly after Russia invaded Ukraine, and have steadily increased since.

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