Russian military lost 31,996 pieces of equipment in Ukraine war, but how bad Russia’s equipment losses are?

The Russian Armed Forces have suffered significant battlefield equipment losses since they were ordered to invade Ukraine in February 2022. But just how bad have those losses been?

On April 19th, the Center for Strategic and International Studies released a report about how badly Russia has been mauled by the Ukrainians, and the findings were quite dire.

“Despite the conflicting data, the levels of equipment losses experienced in Ukraine are clearly unprecedented for post-Soviet Russia,” the CSIS report’s introduction read. 

Well, we know from the open-source intelligence defense analysis firm Oryx that Russia has lost over 12,000 visually confirmed pieces of equipment. Here’s the full list of those losses as of May 9th. 

Oryx, or Oryxspioenkop, is a Dutch open-source intelligence defense analysis website, and a warfare research group that provides correct data about losses of both sides.

EquipmentDestroyedCapturedCosts (USD Billion)
Main Battle Tanks (T-55, T-60, T-72, T-90s)6334550$15
Armored Vehicles (BTR family)8080640$5
Artillery (towed, self-propelled)33450$2.2
Mine Resistance Ambush Protected Vehicle78325$1.1
Infantry Fighting Vehicles 2557599$2.5
Multiple Launch Rocket Systems5710$2.1
anti-air gun17318$.5
Air Defense System (TOR, Buk, Pantsir, S-300 and S-400)24323$15  
Fighter Jets and aircraft (Sukhoi family)3150$9.5
Airborne Command Post (Tu-22, Mi-8)450$1
Early Warning Aircraft20$.5
EW Vehciles410$.3
Cruise Missiles (Kalibr, Kh-55, Kh-101, Kh-31)8730$3.5
Ballistic Missiles (Iskandar Family)3700$1.8
Transport Vehicles52120$.7
Special Vehicles (mobility, engineering, support)5260$.5
Munitions (Missiles, Rockets, Bullets, Bombs, shells)Unknown0$75
Total  $143.5 Billion

For instance, the Ukrainian Ministry of Defence reported that the Russian military had lost 6334 tanks, 8080 armored vehicles, 315 military jets, and 18 warships and boats, after a year and a half of fighting.

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