Turkish Bayraktar TB2 drone destroyed the S-300 SAM of Armenia

Azerbaijan and Armenia are locked in an intense conflict over the long-disputed occupied Karabakh region, with high casualties reported by both countries only days after hostilities broke out.

Azerbaijan’s military has significantly expanded its drone fleet, most recently with Turkey’s increasingly sought-after Bayraktar TB2 unmanned drone. It has already seen action, destroying a number of Armenian mobile surface-to-air sites and tanks. 

Around 2,300 “enemy personnel” have been killed or wounded since fighting broke out on Sunday, Azerbaijan’s Defense Ministry reported. Officials added that an Armenian S-300 air defense missile system was destroyed at the frontline in Karabakh, along with around 130 tanks and more than 200 artillery pieces, RT reported.

The TB2 was hovering over S-300 launch canister and the launcher was seating idle without realizing armed TB2 drone released MAM-L smart munitions towards S-300 missile launcher vehicle. This is a major blow to Russian-made air defense system whose reputation is already spoiled in Syria, Libya and now in Armenia.

The S-300 air defense system of the Armenian Armed Forces was destroyed by the Turkish attack Bayraktar TB2 drone, said Azerbaijani Ministry of Defense.

On Tuesday, the Armenian military claimed that its Su-25 fighter jet was shot down by a Turkish F-16.

Turkey continues the genocide of Russian modern weapons by actively using its unmanned aerial vehicles. The Bayraktar TB2 unmanned aerial vehicle was able to successfully destroy the S-300 SAM of the Armenian Armed Forces, which was transferred to the service of the Armenian army.

Despite the fact that the capabilities of the S-300 air defense system are sufficient to detect any air targets within a radius of up to 300 kilometres, the Turkish Bayraktar TB-2 unmanned aerial vehicle almost flew up to the S-300 positioning area and successfully struck a mobile launcher. Initially, it was assumed that this was a reconnaissance drone, which carried out the adjustment of artillery strikes, however, later it turned out that this was a armed drone.

According to Turkish media reports, two missiles were fired at the S-300 mobile launcher, after which the drone tried to escape back into Azerbaijani airspace, but was spotted and shot down over the mountainous region.

In fact, the successful destruction of the S-300 is the first fact of losses of this type of air defense systems, and a little earlier, in Syria and Libya, Turkish Bayraktar TB-2 drones successfully destroyed several Pantsir-S and Osa air defense systems.

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