Indian Navy’s Mig-29K’s Engine Caught Fires, Pilots Safely Ejected From The Aircraft

Goa, India —On 16 November 2019, Indian Ministry of Defence released a statement that during a training mission, after take off from INS HANSA at Dabolim a Mig 29k aircraft suffered an engine fire. The pilots Capt M Sheokhand and Lt Cdr Deepak Yadav ejected safely learned GDC citing the Hindu newspaper.

Indian Navy’s Mig-29K Crashed Source HT News

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An Indian Navy Mig-29k aircraft crashed outside a village in Goa on Saturday noon, a senior defence official said. Both the pilots ejected safely, said Indian Navy Flag Officer, Goa, Rear Admiral Philipose George Pynumootil. A major tragedy was averted as the pilot pointed the aircraft away from populated areas.

On Jan 3 2018, another Russian-made Mig-29K aircraft of Indian Navy veered off the runway and burst into flame. The pilot and copilot ejected with minor injuries. Both occasions Russian-made Klimov RD-33MK engines caught fire in mid-air. Indian Navy bought 45 MiG-29K from Russia as part of US $2.2 billion dollars deal. India recently signed an agreement with Russia to supply spare parts, but Hindustan Aeronautics Limited is yet to receive any spare parts from Russia. More than half the fleet of Indian Navy’s MiG-29K is out of service due to unreliable Klimov RD-33MK engines.

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The Indian Navy’s spokesperson said the aircraft was on a regular training sortie when the incident occurred. A villager said the aircraft crashed on a rocky plateau on the outskirts of Verna, 15 kms from the state capital, around noon. The wreckage of the aircraft lay strewn in one-km area, he said.

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Taking to Twitter, the Indian Navy spokesperson said, “During a training mission, after take-off from INS Hansa at Dabolim a MIG29K trainer aircraft suffered an engine fire. The pilots Capt M Sheokhand and Lt Cdr Deepak Yadav ejected safely”.

The pilots were provided first-aid and shifted to hospital in Vasco.

“At about noon, a MIG-29K twin seater aircraft, on a routine training sortie, encountered a flock of birds after take off from the INS Hansa airbase at Dabolim in Goa. The pilot observed that the left engine had flamed out and the right engine had caught fire.

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The Indian Navy and the Goa Police have cordoned off the site of the mishap and are in the process of clearing the wreckage.

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