Russian Air Force’s Mi-8 Crashed In The Leningrad Region

Russian Air Force’s Mi-8 helicopter crashed in the Leningrad region. The reason for the crash of the Mi-8 Rosgvardia helicopter was the intense heat of the engine, subsequently the failure of the engine.

According to the Tass news agency, a Mi-8 helicopter of the Russian air force crashed with three people on board. According to a source, the blame was the intense heat, due to which the engine of the rotorcraft failed – an attempt to make an emergency landing failed.

Mi-8 crashed. Source Tass news agency.

It is known that the aircraft crashed far from settlements, and none of those on the ground was injured. It is known that the plane crash occurred near the village of Korpikyulya in the Gatchina region.

The Russian ministry of defense official confirmed the crash, the authorities and representatives of the Russian air force investigating the reason for overheating of an engine of the Mi-8 Rosgvardia. The Russian Ministry of Defense didn’t disclose further information.

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