No IFF: Russia shoots down its own Mohajer-6 drone over Crimea

On Tuesday, Russia’s state media said that Russian troops intercepted a drone over the Crimean Peninsula, claiming it was Ukraine-launched unmanned aircraft.

The lack of identification of friend-or-foe, networking and datalink were three reasons the Russian air force did not operate in a formation and operating within occupied territories of Ukraine.

Captured Russian pilot Andrey Fedorchukov told Ukrainian officials that Russian Air Force distributed Garmin GPS and Pronebo mobile app to navigate in Ukraine because of the poor quality of Russia’s inaccurate GLONASS guidance system.

The Russian Air Force’s operates Soviet-vintage MiG-29, Su-30SM, MiG-31BM and Su-35 fighter jets remain badly outranged by the radars and weapons of modern Western fighters. Russia so far lost several squadrons of Su-35 and Su-34 fighter bombers in Ukraine war. Russia managed to shoot down its own Su-34 fighter-bomber.

Demoralized Russian troops ​accidentally ​downed ​their own armed drone in the Eastern part of Crimea and state media claimed it was a Ukrainian drone.

The country’s Defense Ministry also said it jammed the drone with electronic warfare. There were no serious injuries, Russian authorities say.

A part of the drone’s wing is visible in some of the released images, leading the aviation experts and OSINT specialists to conclude the aircraft is Mohajer-6, an Iranian-made combat drone that has been used by Russians in the war against Ukraine.

The Mohajer-6 is a combat unmanned aerial vehicle capable of carrying a multispectral surveillance payload and/or up to four precision-guided munitions.

The drone has a rectangular fuselage, an upwards-sloping nose, twin tail booms, a top-mounted horizontal stabilizer, uncanted wingtips, straight wings mounted high and to the rear of the body, and air intakes on the top and bottom of the Rotax Aircraft Engines.

It is worth noting that earlier Iranian ambassador to Ukraine denied supplying unmanned aerial vehicles to Russia. Tehran had previously said Iran would not assist either side in the war as it backed its resolution through dialogue.

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