Armenia destroyed T-90S tank of Azerbaijani Army

Armenia for the first time knocked out a T-90S tank of the Azerbaijani Armed Forces.

Several hours ago, the servicemen of the Armed Forces of Armenia, with the help of an anti-tank missile system, were able to successfully destroy the T-90S tank of the Armed Forces of Azerbaijan.

The tank was completely destroyed, and after an unsuccessful offensive by the Azerbaijani forces, it was captured by Armenian military personnel and towed to a controlled checkpoint.

So far Russian-made T-90S proved useless in a real combat in Nagorno-Karabakh conflict as sides lost Russian-made tanks and armored vehicles.

Azerbaijan began to use T-90S tanks, as part of an offensive operation, however, given that today Armenia and the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic have a large number of anti-tank missile systems and field artillery means, the armored forces of Azerbaijan can incur heavy losses.

T-90S of Azerbaijani Army

Today, at least 100 T-90S tanks are in service with Azerbaijan (including the one that was lost today ), However, given the serious losses over the five days of the armed conflict, both Yerevan and Baku will try to normalize the situation during the next 1 2 weeks, otherwise the armament of each side will simply be exhausted.

To date, the destroyed T-90S tank is the first of the Azerbaijani Armed Forces, although the total losses of armored vehicles of the Azerbaijani and Armenian military have already exceeded 200 units.

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