Elbit System Developed Multi-calibre Rocket Launchers For Thailand

Thailand has engaged the Israeli company Elbit Systems to develop a multi-caliber multiple rocket launcher system. The prototype is ready.

Elbit Systems’ new MLRS is called the D11A Multi-Purpose Rocket and Missile Launcher. The D11A is based on the Israeli PULS (Precise Universal Launching System) and will be delivered to the Thai Coastal Artillery.

Elbit Systems is not the only company involved in the development of the new MLRS. The Thailand Navy’s Office of Naval Research and Development is involved in the development of the multiple launch rocket system.

The D11A Multi-Purpose Rocket and Missile Launcher will be able to hit enemy targets at a distance of 35-300 km. For example, the PULS multiple rocket launcher uses AccuLAR-122 (122 mm, 35 km), AccuLAR-160 (160 mm, 40 km), EXTRA (306 mm, 150 km) and Predator Hawk (370 mm, 300 km) missiles.

The launcher contains two containers. Each holds nine AccuLAR-122, five AccuLAR-160, two EXTRA or one Predator Hawk missiles.

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